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Beautiful Boy

Come share my journey with me...

A Christmas Miracle for Sean
The most unexpected little animals break though the walls surrounding an autistic child

Sean's Valentine
Sean and Rocky enter each others lives one fine Valentines day

Sean's Valentine part 2
The love story continues ... how they fell in love

Sean Rocky Pink Sunrises
The world through Sean and Rocky's eyes. Sean and Rocky greet the day

Tribute to the Glasgows shelter / Bless the Beasts and the Children
The true angels of the world: Children, animals ... and their rescuers. Walk through the events that changed a child's and a wee ferrets life forever.

Sean and Rocky's Fairy Tail... errrr ... Tale
The story that was told to Sean and that he repeated over and over to Rocky

Sean's Anniversary Update ... an update
The incredible changes during the course of a single year

Baseball with Ferrets
Sean and Rocky mainstream into the neuro-typical world. Let's play ball!

Modern Ferret Sean and Rocky Feature Press Release and Reprint of story in PDF
The original story as published in the U.S.!

Sean and Rocky Slide Show.
Lovely slide show depicting how Sean and Rocky spent their time together

To Rocky's Memorial Page
The inevitable ... Rocky's last lesson

Condolence Letters for Rocky
Read how a tiny ferret affected those around the world

The Next Chapter .. Sean and Pharos
A new beginning ... a healing transition into the teen years for Sean marked by a new love welcomed into his heart

Videos of Sean & Rocky

"What Animals Teach Us" Press Release in PDF
Sean and Rocky's story hits hard back in a wonderful book written by Mary Hessler-Kay about the life lessons we learn from our pets
This book can be bought here at Amazon...if you know where else it can be bought...please e-mail kat with the info...thank you.

Sean and Rocky excerpt from the book "God's Messengers" and "Angel Animals book of inspiration"
Allen and Linda Anderson highlight the story of how an autistic child first understands God through his beloved ferret in their heart warming book about spiritual and healing accounts with animals.
Scroll down the page to read their story!